Georgia Specialty Constructors, Inc.

Phone: 770-969-1643

Georgia Specialty Constructors Inc.  Electrical Contractors ; Has the ability to assist in establishing a budget for the cost of the electrical systems at any stage of the project.   We can establish budgets using a general descriptive narrative and we can compile a detailed estimate using engineered plans and specs. Our long history and experience has provided us with electrical systems cost information on many types of construction projects. We can use that data to help establish accurate budgets using simple floor plans with an electrical narrative.

We use ConEst Intellibid software to compile detailed estimates from engineered plans. Using this software we can provide breakouts of any area of a project and provide detailed cost reports for those areas. We can quickly generate estimates for alternate means and methods of electrical construction. ConEst software also provides us with up to date cost on all materials used in electrical system to ensure the accuracy of each estimate.

For estimating and pre-construction services please contact;
Zac Melton 678-833-2768
Mike Melton 678-833-2762