Georgia Specialty Constructors, Inc.

Phone: 770-969-1643

At Georgia Specialty Constructors Inc.  Electrical Contractors :  We know our success depends on the team members who actually install the Electrical Systems.
We are constantly looking for QUALIFIED ELECTRICIANS and JOB SUPERVISORS.

We often have opening for those who are just starting in the electrical industry and can direct any qualified candidate to the apprenticeship program through the IEC (Independent Electrical Contractors Association) We will assist qualifying candidates to attend the four year training program while they learn at work. A successful  trial employment period is required to participate in the apprenticeship program.

IF you have experience supervising Electrical Installations with five to fifty crew members we are interested in talking to you. Please call 770-969-1643 and discuss the best way for you to get your resume to us. You can also just fax your resume to 770-969-1961 it will be directed to the proper person.